XXL Freshman Review

 In the year 2019, we have watched upcoming artists blow up with multiple billboard hits, record selling albums, and maybe a one hit song. The following artists are ranked from the best substance of music to the worst. 


 Standing at Number 1 is YBN Cordae from Suitland Maryland. Cordae is known for being in the group YBN with artist known as YBN Almighty Jay, and YBN Nahmir. YBN Cordae is known lyrically to be the best from the group, with hits Locationships( inspired by Jay Z’s song Girls, Girls, Girls), Target ( talks about racial profiling done by police),and his newest song Have Mercy( talks about life changes, and asks the lord for mercy). Listed at Number 2 is Tierra Whack. From Philadelphia, Tierra Whack is claimed to be the best female artist right now by Meek Mill, which says something because, when it comes to music Meek Mill can’t be compared to new age artist . “ Having flashbacks, Where yo’ past at?/Where the cash at? Ayo, pass that/ I will stab backs just for bags, racks, Tierra Whack said in her song Unemployed. Tierra’s starts off with vivid word play and uses something called slant rhyming. Slant rhyming is when rappers use words that don’t rhyme and make it rhyme.  Rico Nasty from Largo Maryland is listed at Number 3 . As a female artist Rico Nasty is most known for her emphasis towards black women expressing their anger. With dropping projects Anger Management, Nasty, and Sugar Trap 2 we can see what point she is trying to get across. “Yeah, your ass fat, but you a whack attack/Seek the money you can’t wait to latch”Rico stated in her song Big Titties from the Anger Management album . Rico Nasty raps about females getting attention for how their body looks ,but states when it comes to money with men they forget their value. From Houston,TX we have Megan Thee Stallion. As a Southern Rapper, Megan is known for her assured flow and sexual lyrics. Megan’s best songs are Big Ole Freak, Best you Ever Had, and her STALLI FREESTYLE. “ Come in the room and I’m givin’ commands/ I am the captain and he the lieutenant/ I need that neck like a muhfucking pendant,’’Megan stated in Big Oe Freak. From the rugged streets of Compton, at number 5: we have Roddy Rich. Roddy Ricch is known for songs Die Young, Down Below, Every Season, Project Dreams, and his latest song Out Tha Mud. One of his most known lines is, “Tell me legends always gotta die quick?’’, Roddy Rich stated in Die Young.  At Number 6: stands Da Baby from North Carolina. With collaborations from Louisiana’s Boosie Badazz, and Atlanta’s Offset, Da Baby is most known for songs Suge, Going Baby on Baby, and Next Song. When it comes to history, Da Baby shows what he knows about rap in Suge. “ I’m a young CEO, Suge( Yeah)/ Yeah,Yeah”, Da Baby vigorously repeats in his song Suge. From East St. Louis, Illinois we have Comethazine. Even though, Comethazine is listed at number 7 he stands with songs Walk, Bands, Piped Up, and 2 albums named Bawskee.

One of his most known lines is, “ I walk around like that nigga, finger on the trigger/ If a nigga want smoke, I let the chopper eats his liver(Boom)”, Comethazine vigorously repeats  song Walk. From Atlanta at Number 8 we have Gunna. Gunna is most known for his collaborations with Lil Baby, Young Thug, Polo G, Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, and etc. When it comes to Gunna’s own songs, One Call, Who You Foolin, Top Off, and Richard Millie Plan. Lyric wise nothing stands out ,but from his songs his hooks are the best. At Number 9 stands YK Osiris. YK Osiris best song of course is Worth it. In this song he talks to a girl about him being worth it because, he will give them the world. At Number 10 stands Lil Mosey. Mosey doesn’t stand at the bottom because of songs: Kamikaze, Noticed, and Pull Up. What makes him stand out is his enticing hooks, and his good selection of beats. Last but not least we have BlueFace. Although, BlueFace has songs: Bleed it, Next Big Thing, Dead Locs, Studio and Thotiana. Besides having decent hooks, catchy beats, Blueface can’t rap on beat making him sound like he doesn’t take any of music serious. 


The first part  of the XXL is the rappers freestyle. In the freestyle, we get to hear the rappers, go acapella with either a written freestyle or something off the top. With the freestyle we are doing no order from best to worst just who did what. Now the first person we look at is Comethazine. After listening to the freestyle I’m impressed. Even though I didn’t expect too much from a 40 second  freestyle, Comethazine shows us he wants to be in the XXL , and raps every line enhancing. “ Niggas wonder why I’m savage, you ain’t never put your buddy in a casket”, said Comethazine. When saying this line you can tell Comethazine means it, and is saying it because he feels like it. The second person we’re looking at is Da Baby. With a 1:28 freestyle Da Baby says everything like the usual. Even though, Da Baby looks like he  just woke up from a flight, Da baby shows high charisma, and proves he doesn’t need a freestyle to prove himself, which is good. However, the only problem with Da Baby’s  freestyle is him reusing lines from a previous freestyle, with Funk Flex. The only trick with Da Baby’s XXL freestyle, is the words being said slower, and on FunkFlex Da Baby uses a faster flow when saying it. The third person I am reviewing is YBN Cordae. My opinion is that Cordae has the best freestyle right now since a few more artists need to freestyle . However, what makes his freestyle unique is Cordae showcasing his lyrical abilities, and his good flow. “ Huh, never will I ever forget beginnings/ A country boy who humble and grateful for his position/ But never satisfied or complacent, my intuition”, Cordae said. In this freestyle Cordae raps about his life, and talks about what he wants to achieve. For the fourth person we have Megan Thee Stallion. In my opinion,  Megan’s freestyle is Top 3 right now with Rico Nasty, and YBN Cordae. What makes her freestyle good is her mixture with her raps and bars. In this freestyle, Megan’s subject is mostly about topics Cardi B, or Nicki Minaj will talk about ,but she says it in a compelling way. “ They done fucked up and let Houston, Texas get up in here/ They saying I’m a freshman but I spit like I been here”, said Megan Thee Stallion. In my own words this isn’t relative to what I was saying, but this was a good way to start a freestyle. The fifth person I’m reviewing is Rico Nasty. Rico Nasty is in my top 3 because, every line she says differently, she has a fast flow, and Rico showcases her rapping skills. Her placing right now in my Top 3 is the 2nd best. In Rico’s freestyle she constantly switches from topics about modern day females, and  people playing her even though she knows she isn’t the one. “ Promise my mama that I won’t fuck with no fucking nigga/ Seems like they only pay attention to who butt bigger,” said Rico Nasty. While rapping about these things, when she freestyles you can picture the things Rico talks about, and why she said her lines so aggressively. Up next we have Lil Mosey. Lil Mosey right now is put in my Top 10 because his freestyle is trash, he recycled most of his lines from a snippet called Aye Royce, and when he freestyles I’m not even interested to begin with. For our 7th person we have Roddy Rich. Roddy Rich in his freestyle has done something other rappers have not done. In Roddy Rich XXL freestyle, while he was freestyling he made a beat by using his jewelry , and also used his melodic sound to rap.  In my opinion this freestyle is going to keep him at the Top 4. When he started freestyling, I gained an interest in listening to it more. “ You get 20 years fed time, for the 6 months you balling hard,” Roddy Rich said. In other words, I can be hustling to get money the only way I can , but that can lead to me serving long time, even if I’m doing what I’m doing. Now I am not going to review YK Osiris, Gunna, and Blueface because their freestyle isn’t out. Also Tierra Whack would probably not do a freestyle because, she wouldn’t need one. This is my prediction for the top 10 best freestyles to worst: 1)YBN Cordae, 2)Rico Nasty, 3)Megan Thee Stallion, 4)Roddy Rich,5) Comethazine, 6)Gunna, 7) YK Osiris, 8)Da Baby, 9) Lil Mosey, and 10) Blueface. 


The last part of the XXL is the cypher. In the cypher, the rappers are grouped together based on their rap skills, and how they fit together. I will not be reviewing the cypher because, it is not out at this moment , but I will show my prediction for the  groups. Group One: YBN Cordae, Tierra Whack, and Rico Nasty. Group 2: Megan Thee Stallion, Da Baby, Gunna, and Comethazine. Group 3: YK Osiris, Roddy Rich, Lil Mosey, and Blueface. Overall, the XXL 2019 Freshman is better than last year ,and have more to give. Even though, the list could’ve been better, the artist in 2019 have shown their skills, and what they can do.

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