NYC Highschoolers fuming over spring break

In New York City, spring break is much later than other spring breaks nationwide. Spring break in other states such as California or Maryland, is in late March/early April. However, in New York, the DOE placed Spring break on the week of April 25.

Any normal high scholar would agree. Jadah Stone, a 10th grader at Manhattan high school, says, “It’s completely bogus, I wish that my spring break was earlier. I hate having to wait two months for another break.”

This voice is not alone, I took a survey of ten random high school students at Tompkins Square Park, and seven of them said that they thought that this spring break is too late in the year. One of them, Jack Capello, an 11th grader at East Side Community High School, thinks that spring break should be two weeks instead of just one.

The debate about breaks is strong among students in New York City’s high school system. Many students are angered about most schools in the nation getting off for summer break in May, while the last official day of school in New York City is June 28.
Is there a legitimate concern over a student’s mental stability? Or are New York City high scholars just lazy. New York City has something that most other cities don’t, a mid-winter break, in February.



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