Girl Takes Third Place in Pi Memorization Competition

In an amazing display of memorization, Annie Ma, a junior, took third place in the Pi Day competition this Monday at Baruch College Campus High School. Annie Ma had practiced memorizing the digits of pi after being selected to represent her advisory.

On the day of the competition, March 14, everyone gathered around Annie, watching intently while she was drenched in sweat, struggling to remember the digits.

“Guys stop crowding around me, my head is starting to hurt,” Annie said.

Everyone took a step back and made sure Annie had room to write down the digits of pi on the piece of graph paper. She had the whole advisory period, which consisted of forty-five minutes.

After five minutes and six seconds, Annie was finished.

“I didn’t do badly compared to the other junior advisories,” Annie responded.

Everyone waited with anticipation while the judge counted how many digits she had memorized. The results were in. The first place winner memorized an astonishing amount of 300 digits of pi. The runner up memorized 220 digits. Annie memorized a total of 188 digits of pi! The room was filled with noise.

“I can’t believe Annie remembered 188 digits of pi!” a fellow classmate said. “I can barely remember the first 4 digits!”

Pi day is a day where all the activities are pi related.

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