The Raft of Fashion Industries

As the Class of 2016 sat in the school auditorium, everyone seemed to be chattering and catching up with their friends before graduation in June. About 10:30 in the morning the principal walked on the stage, with a stern strict face. He proceeded to tell the Class of 2016, news that will devastate the entire class.

Every year the High School of Fashion Industries senior class goes on an overnight trip, that includes going to a spa, or an amusement park.However last year, the day after the trip no one came back to school. Not one student that went on the trip, and not one  teacher that went on the trip. The principal stated that this was not acceptable, and so this won’t happen again there will be no more overnight trips. The principal had used last year’s trip as an example as to why the class of 2016’s senior trip was taken away.

“I waited 4 years for the moment for it to be taken away”. seventeen year old Seshem Sinclair uttered said  when the principal made this announcement.

“As your senior class president, this is an utter shock but we cannot act out because it would only hurt us.” Ana Rivera senior class president said these words yet you could hear the disappointment in her voice.

The senior class of Fashion Industries have been through a lot of trials and tribulations over the past year,however this has been the biggest disappoint for them. The senior class has been given the opportunity to go to Dorney Park, but many kids feel this is not a senior class trip, because this is nothing special.

Damaris Guerrero had publicly displayed her disgust in the school’s decision by making an unappealing in the auditorium. She didn’t feel that the class of 2016 should be blamed for the previous classes actions.

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