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podcast pitch

For my podcast I would like to interview a guidance counselor who works with boys who have been in and out of prison, have substance abuse issues, or  simply have trouble staying in school and out of trouble. A lot of her the work that she puts into her students is beyond that of a  high school guidance counselor, and she puts her all into making sure that her students are staying on the straight and narrow. I want to interview her to hear her stories about the students that she has encountered and why they have inspired her to continue to better the youth.

Podcast – Shaun King “The Breakdown”



The podcast that I decided to focus on is “The Breakdown” by social justice activist Shaun King. Although King started the podcast earlier this year, he already has over 80 episodes. This podcast is intended for people who are interested in King’s opinion on today’s politics, issues that plague minority communities, and his fervent push to encourage voters to “flip the senate” in next year’s elections. The podcast episodes are recorded where King simply “breaks down” top stories from the week and gives his two cents and reactions on certain issues. The podcast is distributed on popular sites like Spotify and iTunes. The episodes that I decided to focus on was the episode titled “when you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression” and “Jay Z was wrong”. The first episode focuses on the Eric Garner case and the recent firing of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, who was responsible for the death of Garner in 2014. The second episode focuses on the recent “social justice” partnership between Jay Z’s Roc Nation and the NFL. This podcast is very popular amongst King’s followers and supporters and he frequently posts snippets of his podcast episodes on his social media pages to inform them of a new episode. A good episode to start with is probably the first one because it introduces the podcast, what it’ll be about, and what Shaun King’s work consists of.