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Podcast #2

In a growing age of social media, we have seen that culture has started to diffuse and become appreciated across all ethnicities. As of late, we have seen, particularly the NYC area we have seen a rise in fans of Afrobeats. I was thinking of interviewing members of the ASA at CSI, to discuss what they think of this movement, and what it means to them that there culture is starting to become appreciated on a much more global scale and if this, has any impact on their view of their own culture.

Jordan Mills Interview

Our college years are filled with fluctuating nuances of optimism and pessimism. Many are on a journey of self-discovery and are trying to figure out what the rest of our lives will entail and most importantly, our place in this world. In this podcast, I will interview NYU student Tosin Adeleke and ask questions about his life, his aspirations, college, and his music and fashion endeavors.

Jordan Mills: The No Chill Podcast

The No Chill Podcast is a sports podcast that focuses on basketball-related discussions. The basketball media around NBA circles mainly focuses on creating click bait, and in turn, creating false narratives of the players leading to poor player and journalist relationships, and an improper representation of the athlete. The No Chill Podcast, on the other hand, provides real authentic content that analyzes the nature of basketball and deep down conversations with people in the basketball world.

The No Chill Podcast is a conversational podcast. Occasionally the hosts Mike Botticello and former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas engage in dialogue with current or former NBA players. For the most part, the podcasts are centered around hot topics or intriguing debates where Gilbert Arenas provides a perspective about the game not seen on typical sports shows because of his extensive experience with basketball. Usually, the episodes range from an hour to approximately two hours in length and are unedited. Several sponsors include the Himalaya Podcast app, Manscape, and ZipRecruiter. With a selection of 52 episodes, the No Chill Podcast has provided an extensive amount of basketball discussion. There is no particular episode to start with as each episode is a brand new, unique topic. Several of their most popular episodes include “Episode 38 Skill Always Wins with Lou Williams” in which Gilbert Arenas and Lou Williams speak on how to distinguish yourself as a player. Their latest “Episode 52  Point of View with Ball Don’t Stop Founder Ekam Nagra” provides a passionate conversation about the role of media in sports and never before heard stories of the influence of athletes, especially Kobe Bryant.

The No Chill Podcast has absolutely made waves in the podcasting world. Along with much support from elite NBA athletes they have nearly 70k subscribers on YouTube, and thousands through iTunes and the Himalaya App. The podcast has featured many elite athletes and is featured on TV outlets such as ESPN for their intriguing takes and player soundbites.