Podcasting and Radio News

Podcast Pitch

I was thinking of doing a podcast based on sports conspiracies. This is inspired by a podcast I listened to called “Sports Criminals”. I wanted to get a sense of how people perceive the way sports are constructed and if they are biased. I think this will have an impact on betting odds and other components people think are important to the functioning of sports.

Podcast Pitch 2

In my second podcast, I plan on discussing this program called The Fellowship Initiative (TFI). TFI is approaching its 10 year anniversary and I would like to discuss with some of the students what the program means to them. The program is centered around ~60 young men of color in New York and in other location. This is a leadership program that encourages young high school students academically, professionally, and socially. This program also gives these young men the space to discuss societal issues where each individual is given a chance to figure out who they are.

I think this program is newsworthy because people need to know that this program exists, especially for young men in high school who are struggling to find who they are.