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Tevin’s 2nd Podcast Pitch

For the radio story project, I plan to focus on the recent ban that went into place which will prevent retailers from selling flavored vape products. This news must be devastating for vape and smoke shops around New York City but it must also be devastating for vapers. There are parents who must be rejoicing as the main argument for the supporters of this ban is that it will stop children from vaping. This ban blurs the lines between individual freedom of choice and the government using their authority to implement their own opinions, personal feeling, and preferences into the law. If the whole purpose of this law going into effect was to stop people from smoking, would a ban on cigarettes be much of a difference? Lawmakers expressed concerns about the safety of the public, however taking away people’s civil liberties because of such concerns becomes questionable when other harmful civil liberties are not revoked that have proved to be profitable. For this radio story I plan to hear the arguments of both sides and present them to the public for them to consider the consequences or reasoning behind this ban.