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Foundr Podcast

Foundr Podcast is a podcast intended for entrepreneurs and people who have founded or intend on starting a business. The host, Nathan Chan, interviews different Entrepreneurs in various industries in order to get tips and advice for Entrepreneurs in their respective fields. The host often asks them questions about their journey as Entrepreneurs and how to tackle different problems they may face when conducting business or even starting a business. There isn’t much advertising but at the end of the last few episodes, the podcast promotes the print version of their publication, Foundr Magazine. There are 2,758 followers on Foundr Magazine’s SoundCloud profile, while the episode that had the highest amount of listening had 1,191 plays. The show has received 506 ratings on Apple Podcasts with 4.9/5 as the average rating. A good episode to start with is Richard Branson’s, Founder of a magazine called Student, because in the episode they covered his whole journey from the beginning of his career as an entrepreneur. He shared a bunch of struggles he had with starting out and a few failures he had to overcome. He is also a very chill and laidback person and it was fascinating to hear him speak.