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On the 19th of October, a Saturday, Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate of the 2020 Presidential election visited the neighborhood of Queens bridge for his rally that drew in a crowd of over 20,000 people. Reporter Tevin Fairclough has the story.

Despite his recent heart attack Bernie Saunders managed to recover and continue his run for president. His supporters seem quite proud of his resilience and quite confident in his abilities to carry out his plans as potential president of 2020. they yelled a series of chants, most notably the chant “Bernie’s back.” Here’s what some of his supporters had to say.

Gayla Leslie a Houston Native who has recently relocated to New York says: “”The people are most of all passionate about Bernie and that he is fine he is back and he means what he says pretty much everyone always says he’s been consistent so I believe in him and I would like the way the crowd was so enthusiastic.”

Elle a high school student at Fairland High says: ” I feel the energy in the crowd was extremely hyped up and everybody was ready and everybody was excited that he’s back in health again and just doing really good.”

Anat Tsyrlin, a 17 year old student at Fairland High says: ” a  big concern is that Bernie Sanders is old but I think he’s pretty healthy the fact that he overcame this recent illness that’s actually what he’s fighting for I mean like he’s lucky that he has that Healthcare a lot of people maybe his age maybe wouldn’t have been able to overcome that exactly because we don’t have health care for all.”

He managed to gain much of his supporters for his belief in free medicare and his aspiration to more humane policies.

” I like that his platform is basically human rights all across the board making it where people can actually have a life but they should have in this country,” says Leslie

Ian Blancafor, a 20 year old student from NJIT states: “I think that Bernie is the original person for the working class, he’s the best for Medicare for all and all that stuff.”

Mar Garcia a 25 year old Floridian Native States:  ” I definitely believe that Bernie Sanders should be president this year because everything that he is for is basic human equality everything that we should already have like free healthcare and being able to be who you are and being what you want to be and he’s giving a future for the generation of today and for the future generation so they can be who they want to be in they can do what they want to be without having to worry about not being able to afford it worrying about where they are going to live what they’re going to do for a living and not having the pressure of today’s society on them.”

Key Shawn a student at John Jay states:  ” I just believe he represents the issue that my community face Medicare for all. I just think its crazy we have to pay to stay alive the idea’s just I don’t know mind-blowing to me.”

People are also impressed by the endorsers he has acquired.

Juan, a Puerto Rican immigrant and certified nursing assistant states: ” having speakers like Nina Turner Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vouch for him and remind us that he’s been fighting for us and then him coming out and laying out his plan his agenda for this country everybody that was in this rally that was really listening to what he was saying should have been convinced that what he’s for and that he’s good for the nation.”

“I think it’s very effective especially having people like Nina Turner come out, Tiffany Cabana who’s my district attorney and especially AOC advocating for him all these people it makes it effective because the small parts of these districts are what makes up like a voting range and this is why rallies are important to go into these neighborhoods like this and say we are here we acknowledge these issues so like the rallies just confirm that,” says Keyshawn.

” I’m excited that AOC was here to endorse him and he’s got a good group of women that are supporting him and you never hear about that you always hear about the Bernie bras but he’s got Nina Turner AOC Carmen yulin Cruz some really phenomenal woman that are out here and I’m with them all the way I’m excited about them,” says Leslie.

Many supporters were very proud of the level of diversity the rally had obtained.

” I’m glad I saw people of different ages you can see people who were old and people who were like me 17 years old,” says Anat.

His supporters seemed very loyal to him which urged me to pose the question of whether they feel obligated to listen to the opposite side of the argument.

Julia Jack an NYU student and Pennsylvania Native says: ” I would say that we have an obligation to hear the other side yes however I do not think that hate speech is part of that. There is a difference between an opposing opinion and hateful violence inducing speech. I think a lot of what’s going on with Donald Trump specifically is hate speech and violence inducing rhetoric and I don’t think that that has a place in any sort of political discussion and then I think that’s true for a lot of issues it’s not just a generalization when you talk about what’s going on at the border I do not think that there is any room for another side of the story that finds those sort of actions acceptable, But I do think that in order for us to move forward we do have to hear what other people have to say even if we don’t agree with it.”