Assignment 2: due 9/4 at 9:55am

As indicated in the syllabus, in addition to the reading your assignment is to find a rhetorical object (music video, image, article headline, advertisement, or whatever you find that you think counts as an artifact) that relates to a crisis from the past year. You might remember a crisis or emergency and search around the Internet for things related to it. Choose something that catches your eye. Once you do so, write a rhetorical analysis of what you found. Respond in 250 words. Describe and interpret your textual object. Your reading for this weekend mentions some key terms for rhetorical analysis: Audience, Purpose, Genre, Media, Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. While I don’t expect you to cover all of those areas (but you can try!), your response should analyze how at least three of them are working in your object. I will be looking for you to mention those three terms in your piece. Please also remember to describe BEFORE you interpret.

How to post: To the left of this post, there is a link “Leave a comment.” Click there to create your post. You should post a link to your rhetorical object and paste your 250 rhetorical analysis below that link.