Final Draft

Hey squad,

Here are some reminders about the final draft. The deadline is this Monday night, 1am, due in my inbox. Other stuff:

1. You must submit with a Cover Letter, Works Cited page, the entire paper in MLA format, including page numbers (it’s ok if your cover letter is page 1 but that doesn’t count toward the length requirement of the essay).​

2. Proofread! De-clutter. Strengthen word choices. Make it beautiful to read.

3. Remember to use the Rubric and Sample Essays. These are your lifelines for understanding what’s expected of the assignment.

4. REVERSE-OUTLINE. Remember to map out, for each paragraph, the do/say. This will give you a sense of what’s expendable, what’s important, what needs to be clarified, and how you might need to tweak the sequence of paragraphs.

Good luck revising!

Yours in solidarity,