Assignment 6: Due 9:55am Tuesday 9/25

This homework has two parts. The first is a written response to the readings and the second is your first step of Major Project 1.

  1. The readings for Tuesday shift our focus from observation/analysis to the writing process. Read “Shitty First Drafts,” “Freewriting,” and the Introduction in the pack I gave you. Then, in your comment on this post, tell us which part of the reading resonated with you most and why. In your 250-word response, please include some reflection on how this part of the reading made you want to reconsider your own writing process.
  2. For Major Project 1, consider your options for a paper topic and make a decision. Here is a PDF of the paper assignment: Major Project 1. I strongly encourage you to explore the list of options that I emailed to you (and which I’m linking as a PDF download here: Major Assignment 1 List). If you want to write about a public space or museum exhibit, visit that site this weekend and take notes. If you want to write about a film that we didn’t watch in class, watch it and take notes. Whatever you choose, take plenty of notes on your observations of its rhetorical effects and your interpretations of its purpose, audience, and rhetorical effectiveness, especially regarding the ways your objects characterize the crisis. In an email to me, submit the following:  (a) the name of the rhetorical object that you’ve selected, (b) a 200-word description of the artifact much like the descriptions you’ve been practicing in class with me, and (c) your notes on potential interpretations of the object’s rhetorics of crisis. Please include this in the body of the email. No attachments.