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Quality SEO Benefits The Public Relations Industry

With the advent of Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms, search spam and lower quality content have rightfully disappeared. While some may think that this means search engine optimization (SEO) is going the way of the dodo, the reality is that Google now rewards good content. This, is a gift for talent public relations pros. Content matters – and PR firms can help a lot and win as a result. The “Good Ole Days” For ages, good SEO meant filling a bag with tactics and tricks Read More +

Unrest at Mizzou spills over into football

Sometimes when things go bad, they can get worse in a hurry. Such is life around the University of Missouri lately. Mizzou just can’t seem to catch a break. Head coach Gary Pinkel plans to resign at the conclusion of the 2015 season. While the official announcement blames unspecified health reasons for the decision, smart money says the recent unrest at the university as well as the defection of a large number of football players has at least contributed to the decision. Mizzou insiders argue Read More +

Coding movement is really cultural change

Many coding programs are not actively recruiting female participants. Is this a welcome cultural shift or meddlesome cultural engineering? At least one company hopes you choose the former. Startup tech company Jewelbots develops “smart friendship bracelets” to get girls interested in coding. According to press releases, customers can program the bracelets with their iPhones to make them light up when friends are near. Read More +

Bacon-flavored Pop Tarts? Has Kellogg’s jumped the shark on these breakfast marvels?

People are spending less time eating breakfast and looking for more ways to get something in their stomachs on the go. Even kids. This trend is nothing new, but the way to win the war for “backpack ready breakfasts” always breaks new ground. Pillsbury tried to dignify the pastry with its Toaster Strudel. Pop Tarts answered with neon stripes and rainbow sprinkles. Three guesses which ones the kids preferred … and the first two don’t count. Read More +

Netflix Raises Rates to Less Outcry This Time

Last time Netflix raised their rates they definitely swung for the fences, doubling their fee in the face of multiple streams of service. Their customers answered with a resounding “meh” … followed by canceling their subscriptions. The company relented, dropping their rates and allowing mail order customers to keep streaming and vice versa. Read More +

Amazon Slashes the Price for Prime

On September 25th for 24 hours, Prime was on sale to new members for a mere $67. Why, you ask? Well, Amazon has a hit show they offer on Prime called “Transparent.” And at the 67th annual Emmys earlier in the week, Transparent won big with five Emmy Awards. So the sale price of $67 is all about the 67th annual Emmys. Read More +

Sprint makes outrageous claim – does it matter?

Some are calling it a bold prediction. Others are calling it outright ridiculous. Read this and you decide. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure recently said, by 2017, his network will be better than Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Without irony or a hint of sarcasm, the top man at the number three (with a bullet) mobile provider told CNN, “We will have the best network in the next two years.” Read More +

PR Fail: Star-Kist Tuna Gaffe is Some Fish Tale

Over two years ago the law firm of Bursor and Fisher brought a class-action lawsuit against Star-Kist Tuna. They claimed the company failed to include the required amounts of product in their 5 oz. cans of chunk light tuna and white albacore tuna. Depending on which type, Federal law requires there be either 2.84 oz. of tuna or 3.23 oz. of tuna in 5 oz. cans. This affects purchases of the cans made from February 19, 2009, through October 31, 2014. Read More +