Rhetorical Analysis Formal Proposal

I am analyzing the topic of minimum wage. I found a couple of articles that differ in opinion on thoughts of raising the minimum wage. The sources actually oppose each other in idea; one talking about how raising minimum wage hurts the economy and another saying that raising minimum wage helps the economy. I actually did not know what kind of articles to touch on for this assignment so therefore I went to the list of ideas you(Lisa) had posted in the document for the assignment. I saw the topic of minimum wage and immediately without looking further I started the research. Minimum wage is actually quite a very interesting and essential topic. The topic of minimum wage actually applies to a majority of the population. I’m not saying that everybody makes minimum wage but I feel everyone has some sort of thought or involvement in it. For me personally, I actually work and make minimum wage so I wanted to hear some opinions on raising the minimum wage. Another reason that led to me lean toward this topic is because so many great points and thoughts are shared in various articles or texts and it really makes me think; not just about what is in front, but all around.

Struggles/Questions: I don’t really know where to take the ‘first bite of the sandwich’ in analyzing the articles. From your explanations and elaborations about the assignment, I feel like I have this urge to make these two articles argue with each other in a way through this rhetorical analysis assignment. Please let me know if that idea is headed in the wrong direction. Hm, after also reading the project assignment document, I see that you want us to analyze every little detail of how the text is composed and why it is that way to make the claim for the writers stronger. But I don’t know how to analyze the two voices at the same time. Im so confused, please help Lisa!