workin’ with sources

Doug Bandow. “Raising the Minimum Wage Will Hurt More than Help”. Cato Institute. 9 Apr. 2013. Web. 27 Sep. 2014.

Summary: In “Raising the Minimum Wage Will Hurt More than Help” article by Doug Bandow, he makes a claim of how the minimum wage will be a negative outcome. The article is mainly composed of the ideas of what raising the minimum wage will do to those that it effects. Bandow claims that raising the minimum wage more and more will drive more and more people out of the market; for he writes, “…the first minimum wage in 1938 cost the jobs of 30,000 to 50,000 of the 300,000 workers who had been earning below the new minimum.”, to support his main claim. Through in and throughout the text, Bandow expands on his main claim by support from many different supporting details and even by undermining the claims of the opposite side of the topic of minimum wage.

New Summary: “Raising the Minimum Wage Will Hurt More than Help” by Doug Bandow, discusses the idea that raising the minimum wage hurts the people, the economy, and possibly even more. The main claim is supported by various supporting details. For example, Bandow states that the outcome of the minimum wage raise in 2005-2007 for young black adults was a worse outcome than of the ones in the Great Depression. This hardcore fact supports his main claim about how hard raising the minimum wage does hurt. Bandow also states, “After the July 2009 increase, reported economist William Bunkelberg, “nearly 600,000 teen jobs disappeared, even with nearly four percent growth in the economy.” This event also goes for Bandow’s claim and through this information, the main claim is being helped and lifted.