Responses to prompts on ‘They Say, I Say’ chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 1 prompts :




a. The experiments of a group of scientists suggest that there are dangerous levels of Chemical X in the Ohio groundwater.

b. One individual states their view in saying that this novel has certain flaws.

c. Football is said to be boring.

d. Some say male students often dominate class discussions.

e. The film may be viewed on problems of romantic relationships.

f. Writers are afraid that templates like the ones in this book will stifle their creativity.


If ever there was an idea custom-made for a Jay Leno monologue, this was it: professional sports. Isn’t that like ridiculous? Whatever happened to playing for fun? I happen to sympathize with professional sports, though, perhaps because it is hard to do what they do.


Chapter 2 prompts


1. topic – abortion

disagree: Abortion is commonly looked down upon by the general population and especially by those involved in religion. They say that abortion is equal to taking a life from this world. Those who reject abortion heavily reject those that are for it. Some also say that since one took the risk of having a child, it is their responsibility to pay for the consequences; hence against aborting the baby.

agree: Although abortion can look bad morally, those that are for it apparently are helping out the general population. Statistics state that the demand for resources increase because of rising population. Therefore, the idea of abortion are supported in many circumstances. Some do not deny aborting the baby because the individuals may not to ready to raise the baby and giving it a bad childhood/lifestyle.


summary of essay stating that there are alternatives to fast food(against Zinczenko’s claims):

Some say that there are no alternatives but for families on a really tight budget to live on fast food. They state that the only way to survive is to live on fast and cheap food. However, that is not the case as others state. Other claim that one can easily go down to the grocery market and buy some basic materials to compose a healthy and decent meal. The claim stated that the average family would save more money when buying the right groceries and the quantity compared to buying fast food every single day and night. Live healthy and live longer sounds like the way to go in the claims of those that are saying there are alternatives to fast food.

Is being overweight an actual medical problem? Or is it just a common stereotype held onto being an American?

The common argument is usually whether being overweight is an actual medical problem or it just being a cultural stereotype to Americans. Statistics do claim that the percentage of population having Type 2 Diabetes increased dramatically. Even the amount that is invested into the cure for Diabetes has increased from 2.6 billion, which was almost 60 years ago and 100 billion, which it is today. However comes to the other question whether it is just cultural stereotypes. Does the statistic above directly result from the consumption of fast food or could it be a different factor? Is it true that all Americans become obese because they eat fast food or can there be Americans that consume fast food and maintain their shape?