Quantitative Study of Syndemic Health Problems Among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Young Adults in NYC


Do you identify as transgender, gender non-binary, genderqueer, or gender non-conforming? Do you live in the Greater New York City area? If so, you may be eligible to participate in a paid research study being conducted by The Baruch College Sexual and Gender Minority Health (SGMH) Lab! Eligible participants will be paid $35 to complete a one-time survey about mental and physical health, including experiences of substance use, violence, discrimination, and abuse, as well as aspects of identity, resilience, and pride. The study takes approximately 1 hour to complete. To learn more or to screen to participate, please call 646-312-4474

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Qualitative Study of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) among Gay and Bisexual Men in NYC

Participant recruitment for this study has ended.

Paper Under Review:

Stults, C. B., Brandt, S. A., Hale, J. F., Rogers, N., Kreienberg, A., & Griffin, M. (under
review). A qualitative study of intimate partner violence among young gay and bisexual men. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Posters presented at Society for Personality and Social Psychology 2020 Conference: 

A Qualitative Study of Substance Use Among Young Gay & Bisexual Men Who’ve Experienced Intimate Partner Violence  by Jonathan F. Hale, Christopher B. Stults, Stephan A. Brandt, Anna Kreienberg, and Nicholas Rogers

Gay-Related Stigma and Intimate Partner Violence Among Young Gay and Bisexual Men : A Qualitative Study  by Nicholas Rogers, July H. Choi, Christopher B. Stults, Stephan A. Brandt, Anna E. Kreienberg, Jonathan F. Hale