Meet Our Team

Lab Principal Investigator

Christopher Stults


I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Baruch College, City University of New York, and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in independent practice in New York City. The mission of my research and clinical work is to improve the lives of sexual and gender minority people. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Miami, my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Florida International University, and my PhD in Counseling Psychology from New York University. In addition to my passion for psychology, I am also a musician (guitar, piano) and an avid music fan.

Pronouns: he / him

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Lab Manager

Corinne Gardner


After acquiring an AS in Fashion Design in 1998, I had a 20 year career as a Fashion Designer. After covid, I decided to pursue my passion in psychology. I am now finishing a BA in psychology. I am currently an advocate for domestic and sexual violence at the Bellevue hospital. I will be doing a MA in mental health counseling in 2024. I am interested in the complexity of human interactions, relationships and sexual health. I am interested in getting an MFT (Marriage Family Therapy) certification after my masters.

Pronouns: she / her

Graduate Students


I am currently a doctoral student in the Health Psychology and Clinical Science PhD program at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. My research interests focus on the mental health of transgender and nonbinary people, including the effects of marginalization stress and violence on different psychological symptoms/experiences (e.g., dissociation, posttraumatic stress, psychosis), and how trans people resist systems of oppression. I also teach undergraduate psychology courses at Baruch College, and I hope to combine my passions for teaching and research in an academic career path in the future.

Pronouns: they / them


Jonathan completed a B.A. in Psychology at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez and an M.A. in General Psychology at Hunter College in New York City. He is currently a sixth-year doctoral candidate in the Health Psychology and Clinical Science Doctoral Program at the Graduate Center of City University of New York (CUNY-GC). He has worked in various not-for-profit organizations in Puerto Rico and the United States, focusing on LGBTQ+ health and sexual health among marginalized sexual, gender, and racial underserved populations. Additionally, he served as a Research Assistant at various research centers, and as a Health Educator in community-based organizations in Puerto Rico and the United States and have managed pilot studies and large-scale grants funded by NIH aiming to develop interventions to reduce substance use and sexual risk behaviors and improve positive mental health outcomes among self-identified gay, bisexual, and queer men. Recently, he has focused his research work on minority stress, intersectionality, health inequities, and immigrant sexual and gender minorities’ health.

Pronouns: he / him


I received my BA in Psychology and Gender/Sexuality/Feminist Studies from Duke University, and my MA in Psychology from New York University. I am a first-year doctoral student at CUNY’s Health Psychology and Clinical Science PhD program. My research centers the resilience and healing of young gender-minoritized people. Presently, I am most interested in the impact of anti-trans legislation on trans youth and family systems. I am inspired by justice-oriented intellectual and embodied movements, such as Black feminism, abolition, and decolonization, and I believe psychology is a crucial tool of advocacy against systemic oppression. When not working, I can be found doing aerial arts, reading, cooking, distributing mutual aid, and petting my cat.

Pronouns: she / they


Stephan (he/him) is currently a fifth-year doctoral candidate in the Clinical Psychology PhD program at Stony Brook University. Prior to pursuing his PhD, Stephan earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Stony Brook University and a master’s degree in Experimental Psychology at Brooklyn College. Stephan served as the lab manager of the SGMH lab from 2018 to 2020 and currently collaborates with the team on several projects. His research centers on minority stress, relationship functioning, and stressful dating experiences among LGBTQ+ individuals, with a particular focus on the factors that can buffer associations between these variables and psychosocial outcomes within this population (e.g., mental health, substance use, identity appraisals, and community connectedness). His research also considers need fulfillment and its association with individual and relational well-being among people in diverse relationship structures. In his clinical work, Stephan uses an integrative approach to treatment with adults, teens, couples, and families. He is trained in comprehensive dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and integrative behavioral couple therapy (IBCT).

Pronouns: he / him


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Research Assistants

Anthony Biello


Anthony has his Master’s in General Psychology from New York University and also works at Mount Sinai as a Clinical Research Coordinator. He is interested in researching mental health disparities among sexual minority populations and investigating the efficacy of targeted interventions to alleviate them. He hopes to pursue doctoral study in Clinical or Health Psychology, or Public Health.

Pronouns: he / him


I am a sophomore at Baruch working on a BA in psychology with a minor in economics. My interests are finance, statistics, research and LGBTQ related topics. I am currently a tutor at the Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC). I am considering either a graduate program in industrial psychology, a program in mental health counseling or a program into data analytics.

Pronouns: he / him

Dina Vukel


Dina is a General Psychology MA student at CUNY Queens College and works at SCO Family of Services as a case manager for adult families in shelter. Her research interests include attachment and coping in neurodivergent and queer populations, and ways that institutions can foster better connections with these populations.

Pronouns: she / her


Haili is a second-year master’s student studying general psychology at NYU. She is particularly interested in the research of harnessing technology to make mental health care and treatment more accessible for people who have an underrepresented background. She is also passionate about making a positive impact in the local community and non-profit organizations, especially for organizations targeting international students, Asian American populations, and LGBTQ+ folks.


I graduated from NYU with a BA in Psychology and Sociology and MA in Psychology. As a student, my senior and graduate theses were centered on gender inequality. I’m particularly interested in further investigating how masculinity and cultural stigma affect perceptions of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. I currently work in Title IX and volunteer as a survivor advocate with the Crime Victims Treatment Center. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, baking, and watching true crime documentaries.

Pronouns: she / her

Jiaqi Wu


I am a recent graduate of Hunter College, where I majored in Clinical Psychology. As a member, I am excited to contribute to our shared mission. With a strong passion for supporting minority and marginalized LGBTQ+ groups, I am dedicated to making a positive impact through my work. In my free time, I love exploring culinary delights and savoring the experience of enjoying good food.

Pronouns: she / her


Hi! My name is Nicole, but you can call me Cole! I’m an undergraduate student at Baruch College who’s intending to be Psychology Major in the Weissman School of Arts program. This is my first research lab that I’ve ever joined so I’m really excited to have this experience for my future career! I’m deciding between studying for a Masters in Mental Health Counseling or joining a Forensic Psychology program.

Pronouns: she/her, he/him, they/them

Olivia Gore


I am a second-year MA student in psychology at New York University with a focus in social psychology. My research interest is primarily in understanding transphobia and how transphobic framing that is often utilized by news outlets affects perceptions of transgender folk. Additionally, I am interested in how political alignment impacts susceptibility to such framing. Outside of research, I enjoy exploring new parks, block print making, and preparing for if I’m ever on Survivor!

Pronouns: she / her


Rohen Arya is a junior at New York University studying Global Public Health with a concentration in Biology. He hopes to go to medical school and also obtain an MPH. Rohen is extremely passionate about public health and its intersection with medicine, especially as it pertains to the LGBTQ+ community. In his free time, Rohen enjoys spending time with his friends and family, playing with his dog Sasha, and playing piano! He is originally from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and is super excited to join the team!

Pronouns: he / him