Nohohon: State of Mind

This week, we’ll be going to Nohohon. Located on St. Marks, it is easily accessible and a great place to stop by to relax or study.   Nohohon means a pleasant state of mind, calm; tranquil. That was how I felt when I was sitting there, interviewing Allyson Chua, the manager. Nohohon originally started in…

Best Bubbles on the Block

Ever felt like there is just way too many options to choose from. There’s a bubble tea shop here and a bubble tea shop there. Here is the top 5 places with the best bubble tea spots according to different news articles. 1. Gong Cha Coming in first place, appearing in 7 out of 8…

China’s Finest Tea

Tea Drunk is known for providing the finest tea. The owner, Shunan, spends several months each year picking out the tea leaves herself, alongside heritage farmers.

Bubble Tea: Like or Hate?

This week we will be talking about bubble tea. Bubble tea is an interesting thing. It can bring people together or tear them apart, figuratively. Some people like it so much, they can have several cups a day. Some people dislike it for various reasons such as the texture is weird, preferring other toppings, or…

An Owner’s Touch

You ever walked into a place and was just taken aback? That was how I felt walking into Floating Mountain. Call me crazy, but I felt like I was walking straight to heaven.

Tea News: Dangerous Tapioca?

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding bubble tea, especially the little black pearls we call bubble or tapioca. What is it? Is it good to consume it? Here’s what some news article have to say.

A Little Piece of Everywhere

If I asked someone where tea come from? The first answer that usually come to mind is China. It isn’t an wrong answer, but it also isn’t the only right answer. Tea comes from different countries, mostly those from Asia. 29B Teahouse isn’t your typical teahouse that specializes in one type of tea or tea…

Making Life Matcha Easier

With the increasing number of matcha related places, I’m hoping to help make your life easier by listing some of my personal favorite. From straight matcha to matcha with a fancy twist. Look, find, and go.

Tea News: Tea Phenomenon

There’s so many different types of tea from so many different places. Learn about some of them, from their origin to their benefits.