Bubble Tea: Like or Hate?

This week we will be talking about bubble tea. Bubble tea is an interesting thing. It can bring people together or tear them apart, figuratively. Some people like it so much, they can have several cups a day. Some people dislike it for various reasons such as the texture is weird, preferring other toppings, or it’s somewhat unhealthy nature.

I asked people at different bubble tea spots on what they think about bubble tea.

The first bubble tea spot  went to was PaTea on 14th St. (Address: 227 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003) You expect someone to like bubble tea but that wasn’t the case with Lillian. She is an occasional drinker that craves the tea in bubble tea. She would rather get other topping like lychee jelly then to get tapioca pearls. The reason she comes here is because it’s convenient for her when she gets off the L.

Lillian W., 20, Barista

The second bubble tea spot I went to was Boba Guys at Canal Street Market. (Address: 265 Canal St, New York, NY 10013) There, I met Joyce, another person that likes only the tea in bubble tea. Joyce doesn’t get the tapioca pearls because of health reason. She knows they are unhealthy to a certain extent but she knows she can do without it. Her go to is the Thai Iced Tea and her goal is to try that at every bubble tea place available.

Joyce Y., 20, Student

I personally like the tapioca pearls because of the chewy consistency and it just goes well with the tea. But to each their own on their bubble tea journey.


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