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Well Wednesday’s class was very interesting and very frustrating. My group and I had an amazing idea that we thought wouldn’t be too hard until we actually got into the room and tried to figure it out. We thought of making an interactive map of New York City that when you touched the name of each borough a song or sound specifically related to that borough would play. This would in turn become something that none of us thought would be so complicated. We sat in limbo, not sure whether to change the idea, stick with it, or who knows what else. So we sat there for about an hour or more just trying to see if it was possible, while making the map (The map was actually way better than I thought it was gonna be, good job to the artists who made it). Eventually we found a way to make it possible, but ended up running out of time to finish it. It ended up being amazing, having a car horn for Manhattan, a lyric from Mos Def’s “Brooklyn” for Brooklyn, Jennifer Lopez’s “Jenny from the Block” for The Bronx and Wu-Tang for SI. Sorry Queens, but we ran out of time.

Overall though, the class exceeded my expectations because it ended up being a fun time and creative time. Clearly this connected to our essays because it was a creative concept that we had to just make up from the top of our heads, which came along with certain frustations just like an essay. We came up with a great idea, figured out whether or not it was possible, then tried to create it, which is precisely how one approaches an essay. I learned a bit more about technology and how advanced we are getting as time goes on and how creative I can actually be. If we did something like this again, I’d just want to finish what I started, especially what we had going on. Imagine a fun, interactive map of New York for a tourist to learn more about each borough in a nutshell? I guess its pretty cool, but whether or not it is, I just wanted to finish it.

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