Rhetorical Analysis Formal Proposal

s.chowdhury on Sep 30th 2014

I want to investigate media consolidation, specifically the Comcast and Timer Warner merger. Being a journalism major, this topic speaks directly to me and it’s one that I am very passionate about. I have strong feelings on the topic of media consolidation, and I am going to thoroughly enjoy writing the third paper when I can insert my own opinion. I actually remember the morning that the news broke about the merger, and I’ve been following the coverage since. I was originally going to use initial coverage of the New York Times on the merger, but I’ve decided to use The Washington Post instead. The Post’s article was actually how I had found out about the merger, and it just feels right to use this one rather than the NYT, though both have the same approach. As the counter piece, I’m going to use Comcast’s argument published on their respective site justifying the merger. Comcast argues that the merger  is pro-consumer, pro-competitive, and in the public interest, while the Washington Post focuses on the increase in size of Comcast that will occur with the merger and thus the potential increase in power that they will have over the industry. I think it’ll be an interesting analysis to show how The Post from the lede puts in our head that this merger should be shut down, while Comcast tries to assure the public and stakeholders that this merger is beneficial.

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