Writers Notes: Rhetorical Analysis

s.chowdhury on Oct 14th 2014

After having read through both articles, I have noted the rhetorical strategies that each uses to persuade the audience of their claims. I first annotated on the articles directly and then categorized the annotations by the strategies. The Washington Post primarily utilizes diction to get their point across. Their word choice is very interesting to look at cause there are other ways to express the same thing but their words all have negative connotations thereby painting a negative image of Comcast. On the other hand Comcast in their response, heavily utilizes ethos and logos to make their point. They actually not only build their own creditability but they also destroy the credibility of their critics. They have a significant amount of facts and statistics to back to their claims. I think at this point what I’m trying to figure out which specific aspect of the two articles I’m going to focus on.

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