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Italian Cinema and Culture

Italian Cinema and Culture


This is a syllabus for CMP: 3075: Italian Cinema and Culture.


Antonietta D’Amelio, Full-time Lecturer, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences
Baruch College, CUNY


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View Prof. D’Amelio’s CMP 3075: Italian Cinema and Culture syllabus here.


Antonietta D’Amelio’s Italian Cinema and Culture hybrid course examines the aesthetic and sociopolitical currents of 20th and 21st century Italy through an analysis of its classic films. Students study some of the major Italian filmmakers and significant works of Italian literature that have played an important role in the formation of Italian cinema. Professor D’Amelio uses the increased flexibility of the hybrid structure to help her students prepare for intense and fruitful in-person conversations about the films. She ensured that all of the films were available for watching outside of face-to-face class time and created a tutorial on the course site that instructs students on how to actively watch films online. Students take notes in an online journal (accessible to other students in the course) about films and related readings, post comments on the course site, and come into the face-to-face meetings fully prepared to engage in thoughtful discussion about the material. The course meets face-to-face once a week for 75 minutes rather than twice a week for 150 minutes.


Professor D’Amelio’s syllabus begins with a course schedule that gives students a clear overview of what to expect. The schedule demonstrates that the class will only meet once per week, and the learning objectives further emphasize the hybrid format of the course. The syllabus explains that discussions and interactions will take place online rather than in class and are meant to expand on and deepen the in-person class meetings. Professor D’Amelio’s syllabus lucidly outlines what is required of students prior to and after attending class and provides a comprehensive set of guidelines to help shape online interactions.

Image Credits: Flikr Creative Commons, Classic Film, (still, 1965 Juliet of the Spirits), 2014 (view license)