• Blogs@Baruch


    An online publishing and academic networking platform for the Baruch College community.

  • Calibre


    Calibre is a powerful and easy-to-use e-book manager. Users say it’s outstanding and a must-have. It allows you to do nearly everything you might need to utilize and organize a vast e-book library.

  • CUNY Academic Commons

    CUNY Academic Commons

    A WordPress based platform similar to Blogs@Baruch that is available to all CUNY based users.

  • Dia Diagram Editor

    Dia Diagram Editor

    Dia Diagram editor creates professional diagrams and flowcharts in ways that are useful across disciplines.

  • GIMP


    GIMP is a powerful image editor and drawing tool, and an open-source alternative to Photoshop.

  • Hypothes.is


    Annotate websites and PDFs in private and public groups, then comment on each other’s annotations.

  • Koko Analytics

    Koko Analytics

    Koko Analytics is a privacy-friendly, open-source and highly efficient analytics plugin for WordPress.

  • LibreOffice


    LibreOffice includes free software for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawing, databases, and formulas.

  • Manifold


    An online publishing and social annotation platform.

  • Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox

    A free and robust browser from the Mozilla Foundation, which has a history of supporting an open and free internet.

  • Omeka


    Omeka is a platform for combining different types of text with audio-visual materials and produces beautiful results with very little technical knowledge required.

  • StoryMapJS


    StoryMapJS is a tool to help you tell location based stories on the web. Especially good for highlighting the locations of a series of events and adding layers of context.

  • TimelineJS


    TimelineJS Timeline JS is a Knight Lab open-source tool that enables you to build visually rich interactive timelines by using a Google Spreadsheet and an embed code generator. This technology, with its potential to combine…

  • Vocat


    Vocat is a platform for sharing and evaluating audio-visual materials in a safe online space. It allows users to post, view, comment on, and evaluate video and audio files with minimal technical knowledge required.

  • Zotero


    Zotero is a citation management tool. With it, you can collect and organize citations, insert them into documents, and share them with others.

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