Trending In March

There’s always news going on in the fashion world even during the fashion week lulls.  

  • Witty and humorous YouTube vlogger IamCyr blesses the world with the most important modeling tip “how to do the walk.”        

  • Is there anyone who doesn’t have a bone to pick with Donald Trump?   Fashion model Alexa Palmer’s lawsuit against Trump’s modeling agency was dismissed by a judge.   She claimed over the three years under his agency she only landed a measly 21 photoshoots [The Wrap]
  • Yet another reason to support Kmart aside from being affordable.  Their latest campaign features kid models with disabilities showcasing the beauty of diversity.  [BuzzFeed]
  • To all who apply skincare aliments at night, some good news. [Vogue]
  • We have Caitlyn Jenner and now Harnaam Kaur breaking barriers.  Kaur debuted as a female bearded fashion model.    [BuzzFeed]


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