Final Assignments

1) Bring your marked Theme Paper back to class this Thursday (12/11)  to have us reconsider your grade on the basis of any revisions you have included in the Final Paper.

2) Post a revised version of your story by Thursday the 18th. Bring the old copies with our corrections and comments to the Final Period on the 18th to have us reconsider the grade.

3) Post any revision to your Book Reviews, Postings on Real Utopian Communities and Experiments, or Utopia Construction Projects by the 18th.

4) By December 23rd, comment on two of the Book Review postings, three of the Film and TV Show postings, two of the Real Utopian Communities and Experiment posts, one of the New Fictional Utopias (Utopia Construction Projects), and two of the stories. Also, in the Quotations category, post three (or more) of your favorite quotations from any of the assigned readings (other than Utopia and The New Atlantis). Do not comment on your own posts. Comments should be approximately 100 to 300 words in length. They might point out connections to other books or films; make connections to contemporary or historical events; make connections to philosophical, religious, or scientific traditions; make connections to personal experiences; explore how one or more course themes are developed in the postings, or record any other sort of constructive insight. Feel free to embed links to other site or blogs—however, be aware if you include more than three the post will get kicked back to me for approval and may not appear right away. This assignment will be worth 5% of your final grade. The Final Paper will now only be worth 20%.