Grand Theft Auto V Is a Return to the Comedy of Violence

By Nicholas Nerys


I’m pretty sure everyone has already heard of the biggest game release of all time, Grand Theft Auto V. The release was so big that Rockstar Games (maker of the game) made a whopping $800 million on the first day alone. The game is rated for mature, which means you must be 17+ to play. But lets face it, people don’t listen. My brother is 14 and plays it. This game is known for the drugs, sex, and most of all, violence. The type of violence where you go around killing hookers or punching innocent people. But violence can be funny too, right?

This game is depicted in modern day Los Angeles, and you can play as 3 different characters: a psychopathic killer, a witness-protection retiree, or a repo man.“Grand Theft Auto V is still an action game about hoodlums and thieves; we start with an extended bout of cop killing and proceed to a series of increasingly ambitious heists.” All 3 of these people met by fate, and the first mission depicts this, looking back 11 years to show how they got into this mess, by taking place in an armed robbery and killing a swarm of cops. Right off the bat, you can feel the sense of dominance and success as you plow your way through the field by killing everyone.

Video games tell their own lies to their players: you’re powerful, you’re smart, you’re important, your problems can be solved if you just keep trying. And Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most beautiful, seductive lies yet uttered by our youngest creative medium.” In our society today, you can’t go and punch someone in the face, take their money, steal their car and run away, even though some of us would like to. This is what GTA does, it makes you feel the sense of being dominant and in control. You can kill someone with no consequences, so why not do it? Some people actually like that sense of dominance, but others, like myself, just do it for the humor.

The addition of a personal cell phone, fake social media sights, and even the ability to play sports just adds to the effect the game has on a person. The realistic vibe from the game makes everyone want to play it, hence their huge success on the release date. So if you like to kill people for fun and get away with it, I recommend buying this game. Violence doesn’t always have to be bad, as proven to the most successful game in history, Grand Theft Auto V.