Approximately 274,000 students in the New York City study at CUNY. CUNY is one of New York City’s leading educational institutions. Most students make a reasonable choice by choosing CUNY instead of expensive private colleges.
Let’s take a look at CUNY beyond tuition and see what additional benefits it offers.


Here are some of the benefits that CUNY students can enjoy in New York City. Everything is from my personal experience, so it’s not the boring information you see on the Internet.

First! Library access.

You can access the libraries of all CUNY schools, regardless of which CUNY school you attend.

[Exclusive Info] The important thing to note here is that you will need to take your student ID and go to the school library you are attending and register with the CUNY library system. Not all CUNY libraries accept that you only have a student ID. Some guards may allow access to the library without scanning your student ID on the system, but you may be denied access if you are not registered with the CUNY school library system.

If you wish to study at another CUNY school library, be sure to register first before going to another school.

Second! More free cultural life access than you think!

Admission is free if you show your student ID, including Bronx Zoo, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the aircraft carrier Intrepid Sea, the Air & Space Museum. The Intrepid Sea and Air & Space Museums, in particular, are priced at nearly $ 40 without a student ID.
MOMA, a gallery of New Yorkers, is also free with a CUNY student card.

Finally, the New York government is trying to make plans to distribute free metro cards for CUNY students. You will then be able to enjoy more benefits as a CUNY student.