Welcoming The Contributing Writers

The student blog has recently experienced staff changes and, as a brand new team, we would like to introduce ourselves. Led by our fearless leader and senior staff writer, Yelena; Karen and I will be providing you with informative and captivating stories that will hopefully poke at your interests and keep you coming back for more.

Karen is a born and raised New Yorker, who is currently a freshman at Baruch College. With a burning passion for creativity, Karen loves discussing art, music, and other artistic fields. But, her artistic talents aside, Karen plans on majoring in finance, and minoring in management, with the goal of becoming an investment banker. Nonetheless, her imaginative mind is illustrated in her writing, through original ideas, descriptive pieces, and a genuine enthusiasm towards the subject matter.

Not only does Karen wish to write about art but her biggest dream is to open up a gallery presenting the work of talented teenagers across the globe. She hopes to share her passion with the world and inspire others to find the artist within themselves.

In addition, Karen dreams of one day backpacking through Europe and experiencing all the continent has to offer. While visiting museums, tasting different foods, and learning foreign customs, she hopes to expand her knowledge on various art and culture. Her love for traveling inspires her to write, so make sure you check out her blogs on foreign culture and customs.

I am currently a junior studying Computer Information Systems. My interest in technology spurs me to write articles on the newest gizmos and gadgets that big tech firms are developing, as well as popular growing apps and websites that you all might find fun and useful. My goal is to one day perform IT work for a mass media company, such as Disney or Warner Brothers, and design systems that make it easier for users to consume and enjoy media.

From a young age, I’d always been interested in the development of movies and how they were brought to life; the writing, direction, special effects, and acting have always fascinated me and sparked my interest in film. As a result, I enjoy writing reviews on movies I’ve recently seen and sharing my opinions with others.

Under the influence of many films, I have developed a wacky sense of humor that I like to incorporate into my writing. I try to keep my writing fun and cheerful, as well as informative and interesting. As I am also an avid sports fan, you can find me watching the New York-based sports teams, and debating trending sports news. Unfortunately, I can become angry and frustrated when my beloved New York Yankees lose a few games in a row.

Despite our different personalities, all of us here at the Weissman Center have one goal- providing you with the most interesting and informative content throughout the year.