Facebook At Work


Image via Flickr

When you think of Facebook usage at work, you most likely associate it with being unprofessional, time-consuming, and unproductive. But that might soon be a thing of the past! Facebook has recently introduced the integration of social networking and business in a new platform called “Facebook At Work”; this specifically focuses on the social aspects of both Facebook and the workplace in order to maximize the efficiency and productivity of communication.

But instead of being free-range, this platform allows you to communicate solely with your fellow employees. Your ‘friends’ are your co-workers, you share links, articles, and ideas, that are beneficial to the company, and you’re able to create private groups with your team to communicate about projects. But fear not, you will also able to link your personal and work accounts while keeping all posts separate.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s main selling point will be familiarity. In fact, Facebook has been using a similar way of communicating within the company and hopes to publicize its methods with Facebook At Work.

As Lars Rasmussen, engineer at Facebook, said to the New York Times, “It’s the Facebook everyone knows and loves but adapted to work.”

The app is currently available for download on the Apple IOS and is in the process of being available for Android. And, because the program is still in testing, it is ad-free and free to use. However, pricing for the app may be discussed in the future.

Currently, this platform is being tested by only a small number of companies. But, if you’re interested in creating an account of your own, find more information here on Facebook’s website.