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Kids always get it right, right?

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When did finance become sexy?

Maria Bartiromo in 1998…

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And on a daytime talk show…

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And then objectified on youtube, along with Erin Burnett:

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If Financialization really does creep into the everyday, than it must creep into what (and who) we consider to be sexy.  I wonder, has there been a financialization of sexuality? What would that even mean? Maybe online dating services are one dimension of this…  and just yesterday a friend was telling me about a website where men rate the escorts that they’ve paid for…  but the question still remains – what makes these things related to the logic of financialization specifically?

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The following are links to a blog called “Financial Armageddon” and I thought they were relevant for us.  This might be another good blog to keep track of…  and it should help us come up with some really interesting paper ideas….

Marx talks about the adulteration of food, and apparently the practice still happens today

One effect of the crisis seems to be lower birth rates

Governors ask state employees to take pay cuts and to work more hours – a good example of absolute surplus value extraction

If any of you are into fashion, there is a really good paper to be written about the financialisation of brand names, retail spaces, and clothing…  this post would be a nice to place to start..

In Heather Rogers’ book we will talk about cultures of thrift turning into cultures of disposability…  now when times are tough, will there be a return to thrift?  What will that mean for the economy?

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this is a test

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