Fashion has no mercy

Free Speech: Hadley Freeman Ponders The Fashionable Fallout Of A Faltering Economy

Contradicting to my other post about financialization of fashion, in this article it almost seems as if it doesn’t care if the economy has any impact on it at all. They feel like fashion still continues, still has the need to provide to people on how they should look. 

“because they know that the real money is with people who won’t be affected by this financial downturn at all. Fashion houses will be aiming for the new markets—Russia, China, India, the Middle East, and South America—and the enormous wealth therein.”

What the hell is this? That REAL money is with the people who won’t be affect by this crisis. In other words, they only want to target the rich because ultimately they are the only ones who will be spending in this crisis. This makes me angry in a sense that they are only targeting a specific class and this is why everything is financialize about fashion. I mean you make things people can’t afford and want, making all these commodities and you have young people who are determine to get it because they feel that it defines them. Then you have credit cards available to people who can’t pay for it but have access and just buy without thinking. This whole mess just going around and around in circles. Fashion has no mercy, they can care less about the crisis except the sales they need to make and how they are going to finanicialize their ideas only to a selective few.

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