Faculty teaching Great Works of World Literature in the English Department, spring 2016


Full-Time Faculty


Tuzyline Allen, Professor of English

Timothy Aubry, Associate Professor of English

Harry Brent, Professor of English

Chrstina Christoforatou, Associate Professor of English

Allison Curseen, Assistant Professor of English

Amina El-Annan, Assistant Professor of English

Shelly Eversley, Associate Professor of English

Kevin Frank, Associate Professor of English

Stephanie Hershinow, Assistant Professor of English

Laura Kolb, Assistant Professor of English

Jessica Lang, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Jewish Studies Center

William McClellan, Associate Professor of English

Donald Mengay, Associate Professor of English

Grace Schulman, Distinguished Professor of English

Ely Shipley, Assistant Professor of English

Lauren Silberman, Professor of English

Cheryl Smith, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Great Works of World Literature Program


Part-Time Faculty


Gabriel Alkon, Adjunct Lecturer

Kimberly Paige Ambroziak, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Jonathon Appels, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Meredith Benjamin, Adjunct Lecturer

Emily Bloom, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Anick Boyd, Adjunct Lecturer

Colin Gray Campbell, Adjunct Lecturer

Spencer Everett, Adjunct Lecturer

David Fand, Adjunct Lecturer

Andrea Fernandez, Adjunct Lecturer

Stephen Garrin, Adjunct Associate Professor

Brian Gempp, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Margaret Hazell, Adjunct Lecturer

Donna Hill, Adjunct Lecturer

David Hohl, Adjunct Associate Professor

Armando Mastrogiovanni, Adjunct Lecturer

Miciah Hussey, Adjunct Lecturer

Patricia Kim, Adjunct Lecturer

Jeanne Stauffer-Merle, Adjunct Lecturer

Anne McFadden, Adjunct Lecturer

Michael S. Miller, Adjunct Lecturer

Kelly Nims, Adjunct Associate Professor

Carina Pasquesi, Assistant Director, Great Works of World Literature and First-Year Writing Programs

Michael Polesny, Adjunct Lecturer

Harold Ramdass, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Patrick Reilly, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Tom Ribitzky, Adjunct Lecturer

Rebecca Salois, Adjunct Lecturer

Claire Sommers, Adjunct Lecturer

Avra Spector, Adjunct Lecturer

Sheila Spector, Adjunct Associate Professor

Jeanne Stauffer-Merle, Adjunct Lecturer

Kathryn Swanton, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Jennifer Sylvor, Adjunct Associate Professor

Charlotte Thurston, Adjunct Lecturer

Christopher Trogan, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Suzanne Wolkenfeld, Adjunct Associate Professor

Nicole Zeftel, Adjunct Lecturer


Graduate Teaching Fellows


Michael Healy

Chelsea Largent

Jeffrey Peer

Marc Rickenbach

Victor Zarour Zarar