Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum, or WAC, fellows are advanced-level doctoral candidates from CUNY Graduate Center who come to consult on writing pedagogy at Baruch. WAC Fellows have spearheaded curriculum redesigns, lead professional development, taught new educational technologies to faculty, conducted large-scale program assessments, and written published works for and about Baruch.

Each year, a new group of WAC fellows works with the department’s three WAC coordinators Lisa Blankenship, Allison Deutermann, and Stephanie Hershinow, to construct large-scale projects to support Baruch students and writing across campus—including our Composition courses as well as our Writing Intensive ones.

Past Fellows and Projects


Fellows: Christopher Campbell and Agnes Eshak

Projects: Created the faculty journal Pedagogy in Praxis; conducted an assessment of hybrid and online teaching modalities.


Fellows: Sara Akant and Maxine Krenzel

Projects: Created the Reading Great Works project.


Fellows: Kate Eickmeyer and Seth Graves

Projects: Co-created the Teacher’s Guide to First-Year Writing, an online resource for Writing instructors at Baruch; co-edited the in-house Reader for English 2100/T sections, Join the Conversation, Second Edition.


Fellows: Lucas Corcoran and Daniel Hengel

Projects: Co-edited the in-house Reader for English 2100/T sections, Join the Conversation, First Edition.


Fellows: Robert Greco and Pamela Theilman

Projects: Conducted a large-scale assessment of hybrid sections in Great Works courses; led campus and program-wide professional development workshops to discuss “Fake News,” educational technology, and results of the Great Works program study