Director’s Message

Professor Lisa Blankenship, Writing Program Director:

Good writing and good thinking go hand in hand. The writer Joan Didion famously said, “I don’t know what I think until I write it down.” Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a writer, maybe you do. No matter what level you feel your writing is at, ENG 2100: Writing I and ENG 2150: Writing II, are designed to help you get stronger and have more confidence in yourself and your writing and thinking abilities. 

Even if you don’t plan to go on to be a professional writer, you’ll be writing for the rest of your life, both in professional and personal contexts. In fact, communication skills consistently are at the top of business leaders’ lists of what’s important in job candidates. Even more importantly, a democratic society depends on well-educated citizens who can think critically about news sources, who can engage ethically with others across differences, and who can express themselves well verbally and in writing. 

I couldn’t be prouder to work with you and your peers on a daily basis. I hope you have a great experience in your First-Year Writing classes and an intellectually rich experience at Baruch.