Program Administrators

Lisa Blankenship is Director of First-Year Writing and Associate Professor of English at Baruch. She earned a PhD in English (Rhetoric and Composition) from Miami University of Ohio and joined the faculty at Baruch in 2014. Professor Blankenship teaches ENG 2100 and 2150 each year, as well as courses in the English major focused on composing in digital environments and editing for publication. As a first-generation college student herself, she’s proud to be part of CUNY’s mission, and enjoys working with students at every level of their experience at Baruch.

Allison Deutermann is Director of Great Works of Literature and Associate Professor of English at Baruch, where she teaches courses on Shakespeare and early modern drama as well as ENG 2800 and 2850. What she loves most about teaching Great Works is seeing how different forms of writing and the cultures that produce them can be made to speak to one another in the classroom. Reading Othello together with tales from A Thousand and One Nights, for example, opens up new questions about race, exoticisim, and travel, as well as about the ways in which stories and bodies circulated in the pre-modern world.

Daniel Libertz is Associate Director of First-Year Writing and Assistant Professor of English at Baruch. Professor Libertz earned a PhD in Critical and Cultural Studies, with a focus in Rhetoric and Composition, at the University of Pittsburgh. Since joining the English faculty at Baruch in 2020, he regularly teaches ENG 2100, ENG 2150, and upper-level courses in writing and rhetoric. Professor Libertz enjoys helping students use their personal experience and questions that interest them as the foundation of their writing and to then use that writing to progress toward larger interconnected projects. His research focuses on quantification in activist and advocate rhetoric, public writing pedagogy, assessment, and online writing instruction.

Kamal Belmihoub joined Baruch College in August 2017 after completing a PhD in Second Language Studies/ESL at Purdue University. He is interested in writing studies and world Englishes. He taught English as a second language and developed curricula for intensive English programs, and taught linguistics and introductory/professional writing.

Eva Gordon Ryali is Program Manager for First Year Writing and Great Works of Literature at Baruch, as well as a fourth year PhD candidate in English at the Graduate Center. Eva loves teaching Eng 2100 and 2150 using multi-modal materials including podcasts and documentaries, as well as traditional readings, to explore contemporary social issues with her students.

Claudye James is the Department Administrator in the English Department. She joined Baruch college about 15 years ago as a CUNY Office Assistant, after transferring from BMCC where she worked as a College Assistant assisting the director of the College Now Program. She earned her Associate degree from BMCC majoring in Liberal Arts, and both her children earned their Bachelor degrees at CUNY, one of them at Baruch.