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Polling Data on Climate Change (Not So Recent)

When searching for recent polling date on climate change, I decided to immediately go to some trusted sources which we’ve seen numerous times in our course-Gallup and Pew Research. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t much recent data provided. Interestingly (at least to me) were the questions these polls asked.

This poll by Gallup focused on Us Concern about Global Warming and polled about perceived human contribution as well as perceived severity of climate change. Lastly they produced a poll that reflected the responses to the aforementioned questions by political party (because after all that’s what people really want to know).

Shortly after, this poll ran by Pew Research depicts global positions on climate change by asking a few different questions. Some of these questions were: What is your main climate change concern? and Which countries should bear the costs associated with climate change and emissions? The information garnered from this poll showed that countries that have the highest CO2 emissions actually are less concerned about climate change. Though this poll was set to depict Global concerns, they could not leave out the all too important U.S. partisan take on this issue. (See Image Below)


Now we are talking, a month later, Gallup realized what the people wanted and here is a poll solely based to show political divide on the climate change issue. Liberals largely believe that climate change is a global threat, while Conservatives largely believe that climate change is not a major concern and also that humans have very little fault in contributing to global warming.

For Fun: Trump now states climate change is a hoax, but he once supported it. Pandering to his base I suppose.

Author: Tami Theodore


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