Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

The Fight For the Women’s Vote

With the election around the corner, presidential nominees are fighting for the all too important women’s vote. Trump is attempting to appeal to female voters, who he has long alienated throughout much of his campaign. As both presidents propose family leave policies, Trump’s appears to fall short in its promises. Aside from the obvious political advantages that seem to motivate Trump’s maternity leave policy, I will give him some credit for making such a surprising proposal for being the GOP candidate. However, his proposal will likely fall short as, his policy offers deductions for the wealthy income brackets of 250k-500k, while only providing a $1,200 annual rebate for families on the lower end of the income scale. Additionally, Trump’s policy only covers mothers, unlike Clinton who would extend leave to both parents. Given the average cost of childcare is $10,000-$20,000, Trump’s policy fails to help those who will need it most. Trump’s policy is being described as a quick attempt to court female voters, while not offering anything significantly to their benefit. Nice try Mr. Trump, but a bare minimum family leave plan will not win over the women’s vote.

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