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375 Scientists Write Letter Warning the World About Trump’s Environmental Stance

Yesterday, a letter to the public from 375 of the world’s top scientists was released urging people to understand the serious environmental dangers of Trump Presidency. The letter can be accessed here. I encourage you all the read it! The main argument of this brief letter is to fully acknowledge the reality of Global Warming, and undermine claims (such as Trump’s) that Climate Change is a hoax and not caused by humans. The letter states, “the basic science of how greenhouse gases trap heat is clear and has been for over a century,” which makes us wonder why Climate Change is still a debate – or who has a vested interest in making it still debatable? The letter is also an inspirational unity of the scientific community as evident from the amount and diversity of the signers.

First of all, Stephen Hawking signed this letter and who wouldn't trust anything Stephen Hawking stands by?

Also, Stephen Hawking was one of the signers and who wouldn’t trust something Stephen Hawking stands by?


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  1. Hi K. Lynch, I also posted about this :). It’s an interesting time when scientists step away from their all too important research to acknowledge the potential of what could happen if climate change isn’t addressed correctly. Though the letter does not endorse any specific candidate, it does leave people with an additional platform to highly consider when casting their vote on November 8th.

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