Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Trump and the Paris Climate Agreement

As a reminder, Donald Trump believes climate change and the associated global warming is a “hoax.” Another reminder, he actually stands a chance at winning the presidential seat.

Due to those two factors above, we must now combat his beliefs with science and cross our fingers, legs, and eyes that science prevails.  This letter, signed by 375 scientists, works to stress the importance of maintaining and furthering climate change policy. Though it was not directly written to Mr. Trump, the use of the term “hoax” in its first sentence leaves unmistakable intention.

In case you’re wondering what exactly are Trump’s plans for climate  change, the environment and energy

Rescind all the job-destroying Obama executive actions including the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule.

Save the coal industry and other industries threatened by Hillary Clinton’s extremist agenda.

Ask Trans Canada to renew its permit application for the Keystone Pipeline.

Make land in the Outer Continental Shelf available to produce oil and natural gas.

Cancel the Paris Climate Agreement (limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius) and stop all payments of U.S. tax dollars to U.N. global warming programs.

Lift restrictions on American energy, which will increase GDP annually by $100 billion, create 500,000 new jobs and increase wages by over $30 billion over the next 7 years.”

Look at the language: “Job-destroying Obama actions” and “Hillary Clinton extremist agenda.”  Also he mentions next 7 years, Presumptuous are we?

Author: Tami Theodore


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