Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Iran: Climate Change

In America much deliberation around climate change has been in relation to jobs. The thought process that many follow goes a little something like this.

1. Nation’s power plants are forced into limiting their emissions  2. The need for workers will decrease 3. Unemployment skyrockets  4. America is doomed and loses its superpower status.

No need to mention all the new jobs that would erect at renewable and solar energy plants. In any event, we often forget how other nations are impacted by a change in an item we all share, the atmosphere. In Iran, Lake Urmia is essentially disappearing partially as a result of  climate change. If you recall learning about the Nile River in grade school and all the many ways it supplied for the people, Lake Urmia is similar in functioning. Local farmers are struggling to tend to their crops and growing new ones seems futile as the surrounding lands productivity has diminished. It is said that the lake had healing powers and once used to bring tourism from near and far into the country. The question here is: Why aren’t we concerned about the loss of jobs and the effect on the economy if we don’t get climate change under control?

Disturbingly Beautiful Pictures of “Lake” Urmia Here

Author: Tami Theodore


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