Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Op-Ed: “The Dog Ate My Planet”

This particular Op-ed from the NY Times following the 1st presidential debate I had been saving to post because who doesn’t click on an article that says “The Dog Ate My Planet.” In my opinion the article leaves a lot to be missed, which could just be due to the factor that I’ve been engrossed in this topic for over a month. The columnist does however call to a more robust Huffington Post article which show a range of Republican surrogates tweets from Donald Trump saying that climate change is a “hoax” followed by him saying on the debate platform that he {Donald Trump} never said those words. The Huffington post then follows up and  ask these Republican surrogates what their personal views on climate change is now that they’ve been exposed to the factor that their candidate has said two opposing things on the issue. Fun Stuff!!

Author: Tami Theodore


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