Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Climate Change: Bring the Republicans Back


First off, Kudos to the artists who made the above image. It is the first caricature that I have seen that has successfully made Donald Trump look like tolerable.

In this article titled “How Will the Next U.S. President Tackle Climate Change?”, the author speaks on polls and past Republican candidates’ platforms. It is a well-known fact that Donald Trump is not in support of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), policies aimed at combatting climate change (Paris Treaty and Clean Power Plan), nor is he in support of the notion that man-made climate change exists. Ignoring the science, Trump has seemed to create a sort of bandwagon on the issue.

The 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney believes in climate change and in 2008 John McCain acknowledged that climate change was a problem, supported that human behavior contributed, and that we should take action. According to a Gallup survey in March, Republican support of the issue had increased.  However a more recent poll from Pew shows that Republican support is waning. What gives?!

Which brings me to the question: What influences the electorate to support platforms, Science and research or are they blindly following their representative?

Author: Tami Theodore


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