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Climate Change May Not be all that bad…

…in some regions. The effects and those expected of increasing climate change have largely been seen as bad. With much discussion surrounding the loss of natural animal habitats, decreasing water supply, agricultural depression, and an increase in unpleasant weather there has seemed to be no good side of increasing temperatures, until now. A study out of Virginia Tech that was recently published in the Journal for Climatic Change makes claims that rising temperatures would lead to positive changes in Ethiopia. The research states that¬†¬†water availability in the Blue Nile Basin of Ethiopia may increase in coming decades due to global climate change. A correlation that I have never seen made before, typically rising temperatures decrease water availability. As a result of the increase of water availability crop production would increase, hydroelectric power projects would develop and irrigation systems could be established in the region. Not too shabby. Read More Here.

Author: Tami Theodore


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