Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Vietnam Welcomes Obama’s Pivot With Shared Concerns

For many former employees of the manufacturing sector who now toil away at minimum wage service jobs, there is not bigger issue than jobs. They’re told by the news media that the economy is rebounding, but to them it’s all a tale told by those not living in the real world. They don’t pine for the days when America was “great”, but for the days they felt like they were a part of it. To this group of citizens, our next president should have no greater priority than to address the issue of jobs. Unfortunately, it will not be the only issue faced by the next president. The reality is that a presidents first priority is always to secure the nation. A newer recognized reality is that the best way to secure foreign cooperation and friendships is through commerce. That is why our next president may view the strategic value or free trade agreements and the resulting relationships with a much higher regard than the hard issue of jobs. The new U.S. president will not be alone in feeling a sense of urgency and concern when it comes to free trade agreements. China’s surging military aspirations along with its hostile actions in the China Sea have other neighboring countries concerned and looking to move ahead with ratification of the TPP. They feel that a closer friendship and economic ties with the U.S. will help deter Chinese expansion in the area. Vietnam and Japan have made it clear that China is a concern that makes them want to move forward with the signing of the TPP>

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