Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Water Issues Across the World

In the face of Climate Change skepticism, I would simply ask someone to look at the world around us. Across the United States and the world, water supplies continue to be at risk and disputed.

  • In Charleston West Virginia, 224,000 area residents, more than 7,300 business owners and an undetermined number of hourly wage earners are currently waiting for the pay out of $151 million dollar settlement because of a chemical spill that tainted local water
  • Currently, the Nile River is yellow/brown, murky, and filled with silt because of days of heavy rain causing soil runoff. The flood’s pollution forced Water Treatment Plants to close and tap water is advised against.
  • Recent Reports state Lake Chad in Nigeria that supplies water to millions of people has shrunk to a twentieth of its size.
  • Villages along the West Bank are experiencing water shortages with as rainfall continues to decrease and groundwater levels drop. Tensions arise between West Bank villages and Isreal regarding share of water supplies in the region.
  • Imja, a glacial lake in Nepal, has been continuously rising in level over the years. It rose to a dangerous level that threatened harmful flooding to several villages. Melting Snow Caps from the Himalayan Mountains are causing the lake’s rise. Soldiers and villagers dug through rocks to drain out 141 million cubic feet of water from the lake

These incidents were all reported from news articles published TODAY. This is alarming in and of itself.

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