Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

Hillary Clinton on Climate Change w/ a Special Guest Appearance.

Hillary Clinton dedicated an entire speech in Miami to the subject of climate change on October 11th 2016. At Clinton’s side was former Vice President Al Gore, who is one of the most recognizable voices in the climate change arena. Good Move!  Clinton’s speech was heavy on climate details, both with regards to the consequences of climate change and her vision for how the United States can adapt to the challenges ahead. She reiterated her plans such as installing 500 million solar panels across the United States by the end of her first term . Florida is the sunshine state, but access to solar power is largely blocked by the energy industry (I’ll write another blog on this conundrum). She took hits at both Trump and Florida Senator Marco Rubio on their climate denial.  She educated the audience about global alliance needed to address climate change by talking up the Paris Agreement, mentioning what as success it is to have 195 countries agree on the need for climate change to be addressed. She also spoke of how climate change and environmental issues disproportionately impact low-income populations and communities of color and pledged to include these communities in the transition to a clean economy. Gore’s contribution to the speech was more scientific than Clinton’s but he reminded the audience what happened in Florida in the year 2000, with the audience chanting back “You Won”.  I was convinced. I am still convinced.

Author: Tami Theodore


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