Who Makes Policy Campaign 2016 Edition

A deadly weekend

Three terrorist attacks rocked the Middle East this weekend. In Turkey, a Kurdish militant group set off two bombs outside a stadium after a soccer game. The attack killed 38, including 30 cops, and injured at least 100 more. The TAK, the group that carried out the attacks, said the bombings were in response to “ongoing violence in the south-eastern Turkey and for the continuing imprisonment of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan.”

A bomb exploded at a Christian cathedral in Cairo, killing 25. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack that was carried out on a national holiday that celebrates the anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad’s birth.

In Yemen, where an 21-month war has ravaged the poorest country in the region, a suicide bomber blew himself up in an army compound, killing 45 soldiers. ISIL’s affiliate in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack.


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